Haitian earthquake

Reported in The Toronto Star:

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti–The largest earthquake to hit Haiti in more than 200 years rocked the Caribbean nation Tuesday, collapsing a hospital where people screamed for help and heavily damaging other buildings. U.S. officials reported bodies lying in the streets and an aid official described “total disaster and chaos.”

According to CNN, at 10:39 p.m., the size of the quake measured at a 7.0 on the Richter scale. For those unfamiliar with the scale, 7.0 is massive.

I feel helpless all of a sudden. Minutes ago, I was watching a movie in an attempt to distract myself from my anxieties and fears. Now, after being informed on what is sure to be classified as a disaster, all I can do is sit and read the information as it updates. I want to help, but I feel like I can’t.

Catastrophes seem to put things into perspective don’t they? We’re never quite safe, no matter the size of the walls we contruct around ourselves. We are easily breakable.

What we can do is pray and as unresolving as that can feel, prayer does not go unanswered.

Haitian earthquake