In Feast or Fallow: album review

SOUNDS LIKE: Patty Griffin, Sufjan Stevens, The Weepies, Derek Webb

Unrelentingly poignant and deeply spiritual are only a couple adjectives worthy to describe singer-songwriter Sandra McCracken’s latest album In Feast or Fallow.

McCracken writes songs from a depth and wisdom that can only be obtained through years of experience, so taking old hymns and upgrading them seems to come easy to her. Aside from the well-structured songwriting – a surprise to no one – In Feast or Fallow reveals a passionate, insightful artist with an uncanny knack for melody and style. This is more than just a pop-folk record.

While it maintains musical elements of her back catalog, it doesn’t suffer from repetitiveness. There is clearly progression in the instrumentation, maturity in the melodies and confidence in the vocals. The songstress manifests her talent sharply, leaving the listener with 15 memorable tracks of love, life and why.

In Feast or Fallow avoids the clichés sadly accompanied by Christian artists while still remaining relevant and truthful.  An instant classic, from start to finish.

In Feast or Fallow: album review