To Be A Father

My son’s name is Jackson. He is almost 10 months old. Last week he began crawling. Pretty soon, he’ll be walking and then running.

It’s been a privilege to watch this unfold.

This morning, Jackson and I were in my living room. I placed him down on the ground by the stairs, set some toys out for him and sat down to watch him play.

After 10 minutes or so of this, I said loudly, “Hey Jackson, want to come to me?” He decided he didn’t want to play with his toys and began crawling toward me.

For some reason, this action by my son moved me and helped my realize something about God.

I noticed in Jackson’s path a strew of obstacles. There were toys, a bottle, pillows, a rug, coffee table and a tricycle that belongs to my daughter.

All he wanted was to come to me, but there was a lot in his way. There were many objects to distract him on his short journey.

Isn’t our relationship with God like that? When God calls us to Him and we make our way toward Him, we discover there are many obstacles in our way. Obstacles like sin, career, and love of money can easily distract us on our journey; sometimes holding us up for years.

As Jackson crawled toward me, he didn’t stop to play with his toys, or drink his bottle. The rug didn’t trip him up and the coffee table only helped to propel him farther. He came straight to my feet and wanted me to pick him up.

The determination of a baby to be with his Dad humbled me. He ignored the easy pleasures of entertainment and food to be where he needed to be.

How often do we chase after God like this? How often do we sacrifice what we love most to be with the One who matters the most?

I know I don’t do this enough. But I will continue to try.

I will crawl.

Like Jackson.


To Be A Father

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